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Children's Behavior & food Sensitivity

Happy Children

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Food can impact kids' behavior & mood. We know that sweets, for example, can cause hyperactivity. But mood-altering food isn’t limited to sugar – there are other culprits in the snacks & meals that we feed our little ones. 
Common Food Allergen: Dairy, gluten, nuts, eggs, soy, & corn. When a child has an intolerance or an allergy to a particular food, it can cause significant health & behavior issues.
Artificial Flavors & Coloring: can cause anxiety, hyperactivity, & headaches in children.
Sugar: Diet high in sugar has been linked to depression, cognitive delay, & sleep problems.
Preservatives: MSG & other flavor enhancer cause mood & behavior changes, including headaches & hyperactivity. 
Join us & discover the latest research on nutrition & food sensitivity testing with Dr. H.
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