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Find out what benefits are offered by your insurance providers

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  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Massage 

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GovGuam, Federal & Judiciary

*initial 20% co-pay applied as down payment

meeting deductible may apply 


  • Staywell Insurance: Consultation/Wellness Program 80% coverage up to $200 annually, 50/50 thereafter (Coverage applies to both one-on-one visits and  "2-week Genesis Detox" program)

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  • NetCare Insurance: Consultation 20% co-pay on all visits with Dr. Horinouchi

*initial 20% co-pay applied as down payment and can be reimbursed upon program completion

Diabetes Mellitus & Renal Disease Only

  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Massage 

No insurance?

No problem.

You may pay our self pay rates which are quite reasonable considering the initial consultation with Dr. Horinouchi is usually 1 hour. Our initial consultation fee is approximately $180 per hour. Or you can join the Wellness Club below:

Wellness Club Longevity

Membership Options (paid in full):​
3 visits: $270
6 visits: $480

Membership includes:
(contact the clinic for additional details)

Wellness Club Vitality

Membership Options (paid in full):​
4 visits: $120
8 visits: $200

Membership includes:​
(contact the clinic for additional details)
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