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Nutrition, hormone, digestive, Genetics & Heavy Metals Testing

We offer many testing options which are available on Guam to assess nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, gut health, genetics and metabolic health. Listed here are several of our most popular options at Dr. Horinouchi Wellness Clinic.  

Call (671)646-9333 to schedule a consultation and determine which test is right for you.

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DUTCH Test offers a comprehensive look at your hormones (adrenal and sex) over a 24-hour urine collection period. A single test now give you the full picture about your estrogen and testosterone levels, and cortisol rhythm. If you've ever had concerns about anything related to hormones, stress, energy production and sleep, this test will be very informative. 


The OligoScan technology allows to make a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of the patient. 

The measurement is made directly at Dr. Horinouchi Wellness Clinic with a portable spectrophotometer device approved by OligoScan. The collected data from the patient is sent to the secure central Oligoscan server within a few clicks. And within 20 seconds, you get the results back.

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We use many tests offered by Genova including: 

(click on each test to learn more)

  • IgG Food Antibody Test

    • Blood test -​this nutritional test evaluates food allergies and the presence of "leaky gut". Other allergy testing is also available including celiac disease and inhalant allergies.

  • NutrEval FMV test

    • Blood & Urine test- evaluates organic acids, fat-soluble vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, homocysteine, oxidative stress markers, nutrient and toxic elements, fatty acids, and amino acids

  • Complete Hormones

    • Urine test-most comprehensive urinary hormone test, designed to assist in the clinical management of hormone-related conditions. This hormone test assesses parent hormones, their metabolites, and key metabolic pathways

  • IgE Food Antibodies

    • Blood test-​that measures antibodies to commonly consumed foods. The panel also includes a total IgE measurement. The body can react to foods in many different ways

  • Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity

    • Blood test-for IgA as well as IgA specific antibodies for possible celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease, also known as celiac sprue or gluten sensitivity enteropathy, is a chronic autoimmune disease which has a genetic component and may affect several family members

  • Organix Test:  Comprehensive

    • ​Urine test- identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions to help maximize patient responses and lead to improved patient outcomes

  • GI Effects

    • ​Stool test-that provides immediate, actionable clinical information for the management of gastrointestinal health. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and biomarkers, this test offers valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the intestinal microbiome

  • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

    • Breath test-​non-invasive breath tests which capture exhaled hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) gases following patient ingestion of a lactulose solution to evaluate bacterial overgrowth of the 
      small intestine

  • Methylation Panel

    • ​Blood & Buccal Swab test-Methylation is involved in basic energy production, fat metabolism, immune responses, vascular health, and cell membrane repair. It produces and metabolizes neurotransmitters to regulate mood. Methylation also works to neutralize toxins and hormones. The Methylation Panel can offer insight in patients with but not limited to: Questionable detoxification (patients who take hormone therapy, drink alcohol, or have toxin exposure), cancer risk, cardiovascular disease (non-coronary atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease); Psychiatric and mood disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression); Neurologic disorders (Parkinson's disease, cognitive decline), chronic fatigue, autism, ADHD, congenital and neural tube defects, cognitive decline.

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New New New!

A new laboratory has recently been added to our available Functional Medicine tests. Included is the Comprehensive Neurotransmitter test providing depth into what nutrients are missing affecting neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, GABA, Glycine, Histamine and others. See example below.

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